Bathroom Counter Upcycle

Our downstairs powder room is something to behold. Mustard yellow walls, a flowery watering can wallpaper border, all tied together with a builder grade vanity featuring an ugly faux granite-esque counter top. Although I have never seen granite framed by wood before. Not good.

So, project number 1 for our powder room was to give this counter top a fresh new look. I have plans for this bathroom which would make a plain white counter a good choice, so I found this pin from the Ake Ohana blog, and got to work.

Ewwww ....

Turn this...

Into this!

I would call this project a win, more or less. I followed the instructions on the blog pretty closely, heeding labels from each of the products for stirring, sanding, and drying time instructions.  I used 3 coats of each product, and allowed overnight drying before moving to the next product. Here is some hindsight wisdom:

1) Spend extra time sanding the wood to take down the grain and make sure the primer will adhere.

2) Make sure you  vacuum the area before each wet coat, to cut down on dust and hair. Keep the area clear of animals and any unnecessary traffic.

3) After each coat, after the roller is somewhat dry, go back over the surface again without applying any pressure, to flatten and feather any ridges or textures left by the wet roller. Even a super smooth foam roller will leave marks in the wet paint.

4) If I were not planning to stain the cabinets soon, I would have covered them with plastic wrap to protect from drips. Make sure you protect your surfaces appropriately.

5) After the top-coat is completely cured, I will use latex caulk around the sink and back-splash or a nice, finished look.

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