Our home has four bedrooms. One of which was recently painted, and my teenage daughter claimed this room. She said she liked the paint color as-is, so we left it alone for her. The other 3 rooms need some work! See below for project updates for our bedrooms!

The Master Bath

The master bathroom is pretty nice. Double sinks (i.e., hair-styling sink, and tooth-brushing sink), Jacuzzi jetted tub, separate shower, and two pretty large closets.

Unfortunately, the horror of the blah taupe paint job is outshone only by the ridiculous hydrangea wallpaper border. Seriously, were wallpaper borders ever a good idea?

The Kids' Bathroom

I was happy to hear that my kids actually like this turquoise color that is on the walls in this bathroom, but lucky for me the previous owners left a few random patches unpainted, like half the wall behind the toilet, and the space between the mirror and the light bar. Ugh.

But, more pressing matters ensue, so we threw some new curtains in this room and called it "done for now."

The Powder Room

This bathroom. This is the one. This is the room that I have been itching to get my hands on since I bought this house.

Yellow walls, ugly standard cabinets, little flowers on the drawer pulls, gold accented lighting fixture, gray "granite" laminate on the counter. Just. Gross.

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