Our home has four bedrooms. One of which was recently painted, and my teenage daughter claimed this room. She said she liked the paint color as-is, so we left it alone for her. The other 3 rooms need some work! See below for project updates for our bedrooms!

The Master Bedroom

Generous sized, plenty of room for a queen or king bed and a full set of furniture. Plus, the bathroom has double closets and a jacuzzi tub. Not too shabby.

However, this room has a past life with a two-toned paint job and a horrible wallpaper boarder, which was half-stripped off before we purchased the house. I can't wait to transform this space into a cozy sanctuary!

The Teenager's Room

Happy to discover that the daughter-child liked this room exactly as-is.

It will be one of the few spaces in the house that only needs some personal touches, and will not need to be overhauled.

The Boy's Room

The boy chose the largest bedroom with the largest window.

This is probably a good choice because he still has a lot of toys and books.

That paint job, though. That's got to go.

The Guest Room

This is probably the smallest room but there is still a good amount of space for a guest.

Out of all the rooms, this one needs the most work in terms of wall repairs.

However, lots of potential, and a lovely view of our back yard.

Bedroom Projects
A Fresh Coat of Paint
A fresh coat of paint can really make your space look clean and sharp. Use my quick tip to help kids pick a color for their bedroom!