A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the best things you can do to liven up a room is to put on a coat of fresh paint. I am generally a believer in DIY, but we wanted to get this painted before we moved in, and time was a factor. So, we paid a local painter to have this done the day after we got our keys.



Weird, dual-toned cantaloupe orange.

Nice, soothing, rich grey. Goes with almost everything!​  This color is called Software by Sherwin Williams.

What a difference! The hardest part about this process was getting my son to pick out a color.

Color swatch books can be overwhelming. Kids are likely to pick paint color based on the same principals as choosing a shirt color; some of his early choices were orange, turquoise, and dark blue. I decided to help put the decision in context for him by using Pinterest!

I made a pin board just for him, and spent some time looking up boys room photos that combined colors together in ways he might like.

Ultimately, he decided on grey, because grey could be paired with almost any other color and look really sharp.  As he grows, he can change the elements in his bedroom to customize his space, and the walls can stay grey without feeling to much like a little kid. 

Also, as a mom, I am totally into the calming benefits of a nice soothing grey color. 

Here is my pinboard,