The Fantastic Faucet

I kind of knew when I moved in to this house that this powder room was going to be completely overhauled from its bright yellow ceiling right down to its 4 inch rubber baseboards (which are as bad as they sound).

Take no prisoners!

Okay well the good news is that our prior project was a success, and the sink in our powder room is now white instead of the color of some fake grey stone that doesn't actually exist in nature.

The bad news was that the counter still looked kinda blah, because the faucet was old, grimey, and just plain bad. This was something I figured would be easy to fix. (And I was kinda right.)  I really didn't want to replace the old boring faucet with a new boring faucet so I looked for something a little different.

Old! Gross! Boring!

New! Awesome! Stylish!

Changing out this faucet was extremely easy and I did it all by my own self without any help. The hardest part was the fact that this faucet is actually designed for an offset, counter-top mount, and not a traditional sink mount. The middle hole in the sink was too small for the faucet to mount, so I had to use a power drill and grinding bit to widen the hole in our enamel-coated sink by a quarter inch. It didn't take long; just some good old fashioned elbow grease and the faucet went right in.

This style of faucet is called a well pump, waterfall, and/or open channel, and you can find one for a billion dollars at Home Depot, or you can get one for around $40 on Amazon. It comes in several different finishes to match your particular esthetic.

Here are some supplies you might need to complete a faucet upgrade:

Basin Wrench Large Jaw

This tool is pretty important for faucet replacements because it is specially designed to loosen and tighten nuts high up behind the sink where a regular wrench wont fit.

Faucet Hole Cover Deck Plate

This deck plate sits under the well-pump faucet to cover the side faucet holes in the sink. If you have a counter-top mounted faucet, you won't need the extra deck plate.

Diamond Coated Grinding Bit

If you choose to bore out the center faucet hole in your sink, this is the kind of grinding bit I purchased. This worked well on my enamel-coated sink, but you will need to make sure you use a product safe for your sink.

Plumbers Putty

Plumbers putty is a soft, pliable product that you put between the sink and the faucet to create a waterproof seal. Roll it into a snake, and put a ring around the edges o the faucet and/or deck plate. when you tighten all the screw and nuts into place, it will flatten and sometimes seep out the sides. Just remove the excess, and you're good to go.

Okay once again for full effect:



Like I said, I have big plans for this bathroom. Here is my pinboard to keep track of them all!

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